Give the character sketch of the governor. 6M

The Governor held his official post at HM prison in Oxford, he was a clever man and observant but even then his intelligence was not enough to match that of a criminal like the crafty Evans. The Governor had taken all the precautions to ensure that Evans did not have any window of opportunity to escape. He even succeeded in tracking him down to the Golden Lion after Evan's escape. But the Governor was too smug about his abilities so he did not cover all possible exits and Evans managed to escape again. The Governor was thus left to rue his luck in spite of matching Evans step by step, he ultimately had to let the cleverer man win the game which Evans did. The governor had to be on his guard regarding the procedures involved in Evans' German examination. He was quite a responsible and competent character. The governor was conscientious, he had resolved on personally seeing to all the arrangements regarding the examination. Evans had taken him to be gullible but the governor had read the clues and succeeded in apprehending the criminal on account of knowing German. Although he worried over what would happen, he eventually saved the situation. It just so happens that the criminal happened to be a really clever man who outsmarted the governor.

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