Give the complete solution of the questions from 36 to 39 

36.  To a person going east in a car  with a velocity of 25 km.p.h. a train appears to move towards north with a velocity of 25 3 km.p.h. What is the actual velocity and direction of motion of the train ?
                                                                                                                [Ans. 50 km.p.h. 30 ° east of north ]

37.  A ship A is travelling at 12 km.p.h. in still water in a direction due east. A man on it observe another ship B due north of him which appears to moving directly towards him at a speed of 15 km.p.h. Find the actual speed of B and its direction of motion.                                              
                                                                                                         A n s .     19 . 21     k m . p . h . ;   38 °   40 '   w e s t   o f   n o r t h

38.  A cyclist moves horizontally at 10 km.p.h. There is no wind and rain drops appear to him to fall at an angle of 10 ° to the vertical. Find the speed of the rain drops.                                      [Ans. 56.71 km.p.h.]

39.  T a person going westward with a velocity of 6 km.p.h.rain appears to fall vertically downward with a velocity of 8 km.p.h. Find the speed of the rain drops.
                                                                                     [ A n s .   10     k m . p . h . ,   36 °   -   52 '   w e s t   o f   S o u t h ]

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