give the correct answers to this questions

give the correct answers to this questions Vhe following has not been edited. is an error in each of line'. write the following passage not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the connector out Of the given options in your answer sheet as given below. is'ustum was so brave and tearless Had so often saved his country from foreign litvasjon as he was called the shield of Persia he enemies fled in fear that they heard his War cry 'Rustum' "Persia is safe but long as Rustum leads our soldiers ", the king of Persia Said "If Rustum is killed , our armies cannot taste victory", the enemies of Persia used to say, The king of Persia soon sent for Rustum and he Did not feel safe if Rustum was in the kingdom To protect it. but........and (f) that/ becau%ef unlet" after/ when/ before/so/ when as/ when/ unless when/ because/ till when/ till/ unless t extract add answers the followin uestionsb writing the option vou most

Incorrect                Correct
a. as                         that
b. that                      when
c. but                       so
d. if                         unless
e. and                      because
f. if                          till

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