give the function of meristicmic tissues





Meristems are certain specific regions in the plant body concerned mainly with the active cell division. Adjective of meristems is meristamatic tissue that includes group of cells which remain in continuous state of division. Depending on the position in the plant body, meristems are of the following three types.

  1. Apical meristems: They occur at the growing tips of roots, stem and branches. These are responsible for growth in length of a plant.
  2. Intercalary meristems: These are located in between the regions of permanent tissues. These are responsible for growth in length of internodes and leaves.
  3. Lateral meristems: These are present in the interior of stem and roots in the form of vascular cambium, cork cambium and marginal meristems. They increase in diameter of an organ.


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Meristematic cells are capable of dividing continuously to produce new cells . The meristematic tissues are present only at the growing regions such as the shoot tip , root tip and cambium

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The Meristematic tissue has valuable functions for plants. This tissue allows growth to continue from their stems and roots. They make new cells and expand the plant with the aid of water.
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