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give the summary of the chapter premchand ke fate joote


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मित्र हमने साइट पर सभी पाठों का सारांश दिया हुआ है। परन्तु हम आपको इसका लिंक भेज रहे हैं। इसे देखिए-$A!!

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Rishika Singh , added an answer, on 7/2/13
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"Premchand's torn shoes' text is written in a lively style.  In this text the author laughter - laughter is saying uttered.  This text is based on Premchand.  Premchand through the medium of the simplicity of a photo-filled life is presented before us.  Premchand was a novel with the title of emperor.  Famous novels and stories were written by him.  But after all, his life was humble.  His life was full of glaring poverty and misery.  But he was not adopted pretense.  She had remained the same.  He never wished for your interest.  In the act of writing they are always fair.  Improper actions of the government are opposed to his writing.  Frills rife in society, customs, government and carried out by landlords openly opposed the injustices and evils.  Growing trend in society of appearances and opportunistic people Harishankar Parsai author is a huge squid. Premchand He was a man who truly lives the principles and ideals was lowered.  Everything else remained the talk of principles and ideals

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