give three examples of increase and decrease friction.

The friction can be increased by:
1. Increasing surface area can increase friction
2. Making the surface rough that is by adding indiscretion on the surface of contact.
3. Groves are made on tires to increase friction.
4. Soles of shoes are threaded to increase the friction.

The friction can be decreased by
1. Using rollers or wheels or spheres can decrease the friction.
2. By applying lubricants onto the surface
3. By polishing the surface
4. By making the surface smooth.

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we can decrease the friction by using lubricants such as oil, greece.

we can increase the friction by making the surface rough.

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Increasing Friction:The tyres of vehicles have treads which increase the friction between road and the tyre.

Soles of shoes have grooves to increase friction.

Gymnasts apply a coarse material on their hands to get a better grip by increasing friction.

Reducing Friction: We can use lubricants such as oil and grease to reduce friction.

Ball bearings are also used to reduce friction.

To reduce friction of the air, ships and cars are given a special shape called a streamlined shape.

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