give three instances of equal denial of votes


1)  In a democracy, every citizen has to have the right to vote and the right to be elected to government. For democratic elections to take place, it is necessary that citizens should have the right to express their opinion, form political parties and take part in political activities


2)  For instance, the army rulers of Myanmar are not elected by the people. Those who happen to be in control of the army become the rulers of the country


3)  Secondly, dictators like Pinochet are not elected by people. This also applies to the case of monarchies


4)  Thirdly, the kings of Nepal and Saudi Arabia rule not because the people have chosen them to do so but because they happen to be born into royal family


5)  In all the above said three instances, people were denied the right to vote and this refers to equal denial of votes. This is non – democratic in nature where people’s participation is neglected or not taken into account




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