Give three sentences with words who ,whom ,which ,where ,why ,what ,whose ,when and translate in hindi.

Dear students

here are some sentences - 

1. Who -
Who has the keys to the car?
He is the man who stole my watch. 
He who crosses the line first, is the winner.

2. Whom
With whom am I speaking to right now?
It is nice to know people, whom you can trust. 
The poor girl knew very little about the man whom she was married to.

3. Which
Which student forgot to bring their notebook today?
Which of us is going through that door first? 
I visited that restaurant which you had told me about. 

4. Where
Where are my books? I cannot find them. 
I ended up in a hospital where the doctors were incompetent. 
But where will I go to at this time of the night? 

5. Why
Why should I care about some stranger's health? 
This is exactly why you were told to listen to your parents.
Why does he hate chocolate?

6. What
What is the matter with her today?
What happened in the past is of no use to us now. 
Could you repeat what she just said?

7. Whose
Whose pig is this?
Whose turn is it to pay for the petrol? 
The king, whose army outnumbered the enemy's army, won the battle. 

8. When 
When exactly were you going to tell me the truth? 
Do not lecture me on cleanliness, when your own house is a mess. 
When the police came inside the house, the burglar had nowhere to hide.

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