Given below are some instructions for preparing an omelette. Complete
the following paragraph on the basis of these instructions.

a) Take two eggs. Break them in a bowl and beat them after adding a pinch of salt and pepper.
b) Add a spoonful of water and beat the eggs again.
c) Put a pan on the stove and light the gas. Pour one teaspoon of ghee or butter into the pan.
d) When the ghee or butter becomes hot, pour the beaten eggs into the frying pan.
e) After some time when the omelette is set, loosen it from the sides of the pan.
f) Slip a knife under the omelette, fold it and serve it hot with green chillies and chopped onion.

Two eggs (a) __________ adding a pinch of salt and pepper. A spoonful (b) ________. A teaspoon of ghee or butter is heated in a frying pan. The beaten eggs (c) ___________. After some time, when (d) _____________ . A knife is slipped under the omelette and (e)  ______________with green chillies and chopped onion, etc.

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A) are taken, broken in a bowl andbeaten after

b) of water is added and eggs are beaten again

c) are put in a pan on a stove and the gas is lightened. then one teaspoon of ghee or butter is poured into the pan

d) the ghee or butter becomes hot, beaten eggs are poured into the fry pan

e) it's folded and served hot

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