​Given below is a diagrammatic sketch of a certain generalised cell. 
(a) Name the parts numbered as 1 to 8. 
(b) Is it a plant cell or an animal cell? Give two reasons in support of your answer. 
(c)Give the functions of parts marked as 1, 6 and 8.

Please answer fast

(a)  1. plastid 2. cell sap 3. mitochondrion 4. cytoplasm 5. nucleolus 6. nucleus 7. plasma membrane 8. cell wall

(b)  it is a plant cell because: 1. the nucleus is located in the periphery of the cell. 2. plastids are present.

(c)  1. plastids are of 2 types namely chromoplasts and leucoplasts. chromoplasts are the coloured pigment carrying plastids. for ex. chloroplasts contains chlorophyll which provides green colour to the leaves and the stem. leucoplasts are the colourless or transparent plastids that store proteins and fats.

      6. nucleus plays an imp role in functioning of cccell by directing some of its activities and it determines the way the cell will develop and what form will it exhibit .

      8. cell wall helps the plant cell to withstand very dilute or hypotonic media without bursting as compared to animal  cell.

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