globalisation is an outcome of liberalisation and privatisation at an outcome of globalisation developing country like India has become Outsourcing destination why

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The most important outcome of globalisation is outsourcing. In Outsourcing, a company hires regular service from external sources mostly from other countries which were previously done internally. As from the economic activity, outsourcing has intensified in recent times, and there is a general growth in communication and Information Technology sector. Many of the services such as voice-based (business popular known as BPO or call centre), record keeping, accounting, banking services, music recording, clinical advice or even teaching is being outsourced by companies in developed countries to India.
Most multinational companies are outsourcing their services to India where they can be availed at a cheaper cost with a reasonable degree of skill and accuracy. The low wage rate and availability of skilled manpower in India have made it a destination for global outsourcing in the postreform period.

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