Good Evening Jitendra Jha Sir,

My name is Kshitij.G.S. and I am a student of your live class.

I have a doubt in below question from grade 6 maths chapter Whole nos.This question was asked in our revision test paper.Kindly answer this by Friday 11th as I have maths test on saturday 12th.Our tests are integrated with other subjects so this question is integrated with geography.I wanted to ask this in live class but this is too long to am mailing it to you.

"Uranus takes 84 Earth years to go around the sun,each of its poles receives daylight for 42 years and in darkness for next 42 years ".I dentify the numbers given for rotation period of Uranus and its poles in day light.State if commutative property of division under whole number holds good and verify your statement for the given numbers.

Dear student
Commutative property for Division  does not hold good for whole numbers.Example:Let a=2 and b=4Then ab=24=12and ba=42=2Clearly,abbaHere, in the questiona=84 and b=42Then ab=8442=2and ba=4284=12Clearly,abbaSo, here also Commutative property for Division  does not hold good 

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