Grammar ques 1 nd 2

Grammar ques 1 nd 2 Manali Assignment (Term - l), 2017 Subject- English CLASS- Attempt the questions: How Private Quelch's knowledge exposed even further as the sergeant's classes Went on? 2) first. Private Quelch was a hero in the eyes of his fellow soldiers." Support this observation with suitable examples from story in about 100 wordsé J) Explain the lines "For men may come and men may go but go on forever." 4) Draw a parallelism between the life of a man and that of the brook. S) Write a character sketch of Charles Hooper. G use the correct form Of the words in brackets to complete the passage given below. Scientists studying the morphology of the human race (b) of the opinion that shortest, throughout the 200,000 years of history of modern humans, we (has) lightest and, the least robust. Even our brains are the smallest. Two hypothesis (cL„. been put forward to explain the reasons behind these reductions in size. The first one (d) (be) that the nutritional stress after the start of the agricultural era some 10,000 years ago led to the reduction in the size of humans. 2. Use the correct form of the verbs given in brackets to complete the passage given below. Bank clerk: Could you give me some prod of your identity? Lady: But I Bank clerk: I (b) (have) an account here for twenty - five years. a lot of money lately Madam. But the bank (c) Ätell) to .....(make) new regulations and we (e) through fake accounts. The Manager (d) check the proof of identity for all our account holders, no matter how long we (f) them. I) Write a letter to your penfriend, Rita, to visit Manali for your brother's marriage ceremony. 2) Charles Hooper writes a diary entry after Duke dies, detailing the impact the dog has had on his life. Write the entry. friend Sonia has recently shifted to Delhi due to the transfer of her father. you have recently ed an email telling you about her new school. Write an email to Sonia advising her to make friends and in the new place.


2.a)have been
c)had lost
d)has made
e)have told
f)had known
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