gulliver's only true friend and savior was glumdalclitch at bromdingnag. discuss.need ur help experts plzzzzzzz

companionship of Gulliver and Glumdalclitch is pillared on two facts. Firstly, as Gulliver is an alien in land of the giants he lives in the fear of being crushed, trodden upon and killed. Presence of Glumdalclitch prevents these fears from turning into reality. She is a kind giant. Secondly,Glumdalclitch on the other hand has no such fears, she is a child amused by a new toy. She comforts him and looks after him as a toy. Thus, he finds security in the company of the little girl as he is in world where his life is threatened.

You can also add the following points reflecting their friendship :

1. Glumdalclitch means "little nurse", what she was to Gulliver.

2. Mention how she takes care of him when they are at farmers' home.

3. mention how she looks after him at the court.

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