Gullivers Travels Part 2: The farmer, the dwarf & the farmer's friend are a running commentary on human nature. Explain. 

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In Brobdingnag Gulliver’s voyage takes him to the island of Giants. When he lands on the island he is about to be stepped over by a giant farmer, and when Gulliver shouts very loudly the giant notices him and picks him up. The farmer exhibits human like qualities, when he takes him home to his wife and baby son. The farmer on being persuaded by his friend takes Gulliver along with him to the markets on his island as well as to the other islands. By now, everyone has heard of Gulliver, and people gather to see him. So his master, the farmer asks Gulliver to put on all kinds of acts to entertain the crowd, and in return the crowd pays him. So the farmer and his friend are self-centred, like humans use each other to get what they want, similarly the farmer too makes use of Gulliver to earn a profit.

The dwarf who was the smallest giant in the entire island was also feet taller than Gulliver. He had a very insolent attitude towards Gulliver. Like humans tend to create problems for each other for no reason, so did this dwarf enjoy creating problems for Gulliver. He never spared Gulliver, and was always quick to insult him. He was extremely jealous and revengeful of Gulliver. One day at dinner he threw Gulliver into a large bowl of cream and ran away, because of which Gulliver almost drowned.

All the three characters are selfish, mean and capable of making profits or enjoying themselves at the expense of others as most humans do.


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