H. There were two eggs of sparrow in a neat of balcony of Rahul?s house. Rahul was happy to look at them . But his mother warned him not to touch, hold or break the eggs, because? if these will remain safe and baby sparrow will be hatched out from the eggs.

Answer the following questions based on the above information:
(a)??? What may happen if Rahul holds the eggs in his hands?
(b)??? Suggest a way to keep these eggs safe.
(c)???? Which types of values are explained by Rahul's mother?

Dear Student,

Ans a) If Rahul holds the eggs in his hands, he might break or damage them. 

Ans b) The eggs can be kept safe by leaving them as it is, by not touching or holding them. 

Ans c) Values observed in Rahul's mother include: Scientific knowledge, Respect for nature, ability to imbibe values in her child


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