Hardships often bring out the best in people. Do you agree? Elucidate. from the chapter ‘We’re Not Afraid to Die…If We Can All Be Together’

Dear Student,

Human history is replete with examples of people showing utmost courage and bravery during times of adversity. In the chapter, the narrator, his family and his crew were caught in the midst of a storm. Their ship was certain to sink. However, they did not give up. They did not panic. The narrator and his crew members pumped out water like madmen. Even his young children displayed exemplary courage and showed no signs of fear. Despite being injured, her daughter stood firm. His son declared that he was not afraid to die. The bravery displayed by all of them proves that hardships bring out the best in people.


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The story is indeed a beautiful depiction of the strength of togetherness. The members of the crew ,Suzzane, Jonathan the narrator and his wife Mary braved the ravages of nature together . What provided them the strength to face such adversaries were their togetherness. They were each other's strength . His so young son Jonathan , just six remarks that he wasn't afraid to die if that all could be together . Moreover Suzzane had got a big bump on her head and a deep arm cut but she didn't show up her pain to them as she didn't want to give and more problem to her parents . Such bold attitude of the small children here only brings out how courageous they were. Had they all not been patient and calm and the most important of all ,had they not been Together,may be they wouldn't have survived the conditions that prevailed hence forth .
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