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Hi Riya dear, please pass the followings to our friend Harshita.
Hi Harshita dear, number of proton in the nucleus determines the name of the element
That number is known as ATOMIC number Z
If Z = 1 then it is HYDROGEN
As Z = 2 then it is HELIUM
With Z = 3 we come to know that it is LITHIUM
As atom (element) is neutral then equal number of electrons will be there around the nucleus
When we have neutron along with proton in the nucleus then we call the total as MASS number A
So A - Z = N (number of neutrons)
We write 2 He 4 the prefix for atomic number and upper one for mass number
We have isotopes 
In case of carbon we have  carbon -12, and  carbon-14
We write them as 6C12 and 6C14
92U235, 92U238 are two uranium isotopes
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