Has the poet usedexaggeration for special effect? Find a few examples of it and readthose lines aloud.

Yes,the poet has used exaggerations such as the cat’s defiance ofgravity and it being called a ‘monster of depravity’ anda ‘fiend’ in order to enhance the mystery surrounding thecat. Since the cat is shown to be super fast as nobody from theScotland Yard to the flying squad can catch it on the scene of crime,these exaggerations have been used by Eliot to lay stress on thismonstrous as well as surprising andmysterious nature of Macavity.


(i)‘He’s the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad’sdespair’.

(ii)‘He breaks the law of gravity’.

(iii)‘His powers of levitation would make a fakirstare.’

(iv)‘He’s a fiend in feline shape,a monster of depravity.’

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