HAVE LOTS TO STUDY PLZZZ help so that i remeber all the answers

Dear Student,
I appreciate your concern and efforts for the subject and you will be glad to know that we, at meritnation have already designed comprehensive study material keeping in mind the needs of the students. I agree that the subject seems typical however, it is very interesting subject. It just requires your little time on a regular basis. What all you require is conceptual understanding and diagram clarity of the topics to avoid rote learning. You must read the chapters in a flow as all of them are inter-connected and inter-linked. In addition to this, you need regular practice for the numerical part of the subject.
For this, the study material that has been developed is very self-explanatory. In addition to this, we also have numerous interactive videos, lots of practice questions, year wise board papers (with their solutions) for the last six years. You have ample time for your board exams. Do not panic, study well.
In case of any doubt, you can always get back to us. We are always there to help our students.
Keep posting and keep studying!!
Good Luck Champ!! yes

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