Have there been times when you felt depressed or hopeless? Have you experienced a similar moment that changed your mood that day?

Need some ideas please.


Yes, many times in my life I felt sad and depressed. I felt as if the world would end and I won't be able to continue any longer. At such times, something happens to change your mood and you feel alive again. Once when I had lost my favourite uncle, in the bomb blast. I felt very dejected. I wanted to die with him and was so upset that I would sit and cry for hours. Then one day as I was sitting in the balcony and thinking about my uncle, I saw a girl on a wheel chair trying to move around on the road all by herself. She was having difficulty but she was trying hard. She was begging money. I quickly took some money from my mom and went down. I liked the girl, she was neat and tidy and looked very innocent. I asked her why she was begging. She told me she belonged to a good family, but she had lost everyone in the bomb blast. She also lost her right leg and was now confined to a wheel chair. She was rescued by a poor lady who took good care of her. But now that lady was ill and there was no money to buy medicines so she was begging. I could see that even after so many hardships the girl was not dejected but had compromised with life. I felt ashamed at myself and decided to start living again. But first I wanted to help the girl and with my parents help, I gave the girl a better life.

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