1. He should be snarling around houses At the jungle’s edge,
    Baring his white fangs, his claws,
    Terrorizing the village!
    (a) What does the poet try to suggest through these lines?
    (b) How does the tiger scare the people?     
    (c) Why does ‘he’ snarl?
    (d) How does ‘he’ show his presence?
From Chapter A Tiger In tH E Zoo Class 10 

Dear Student, 

(a) Through these lines, the poet is trying to suggest that the tiger should live in the wild i.e the jungle and not in the zoo.
(b) The tiger is a ferocious hunter and a scary creature. He scares people through his intimidating voice.
(c) When in wild, the tiger snarls to strike fear in the hearts of villagers.
(d) The tiger shows his presence by snarling and barring his fangs and claws.


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