He was so open and friendly that I glowed with the warmth of affection .I knew, of course, that he wanted the
business, but his kindness was real. I was glad the fare money would go to this good fellow. I managed to
bargain down to two dollars an hour and then he brought from his house near by a sort of large black box on
(a) Who had the warmth of affection? Where did the narrator meet him?
(b) What is the business the narrator is talking about?
(c) Was the person's kindness real?
(d) What kind of fare money did he settle with the friendly man?

Chapter - The hack driver

Dear Student

a) The delivery man had the warmth of affection. The narrator met him at the station.
​​​​​​b) The business that the narrator is talking about here is the sincere effort to find Lutkins.
c) No, the person's kindness was not real.
d) The narrator managed to settle for two dollars an hour.


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