hello, can i have the answers for these questions.

change the following sentences into indirect speech.

1) the teacher said to shruti,"You should answer all these questions all over again tomorrow for you have not explained any of them properly."

2) The Shopkeeper said to me "I'am sorry the shirts you bought from our shop got faded soon."

3)Tarun said,"Papa, I thank you very much for this interesting video game you have presented me on my birthday."

4) "My mother is not in town these days, but she will be back next week," said Vibha.

5) I said," I admit I acted foolishly in what I did."

it is urgent. THANKYOU:)

1) The teacher advised Shruti to answer all those questions all over again the following day for she had not explained any of them properly.

2) The Shopkeeper apologized to me for the shirts I had bought from their shop had got faded soon.

3) Tarun thanked his father for the
 interesting video game that his father had presented him on his birthday.
4) Vibha informed that her mother was not in town that day and she would be back the following week.

5) I admitted that I had done a foolish act.

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1) The teacher told shruti that she should answer all these ques. all over again the next day for her had not explained any of them properly.2) The shopkeeper apologised me that he was sorry the shirts which I bought from their shop got faded soon.3) Tarun said his father that he thank him very much for that interesting video game he had presented him on his birthday. 4) Vibha said that her mother was not in town that days and added that but she would be back the following week.5) I said that i admit i acted foolishly in what i did

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