Hello everyone, plzz help me as i have to write a poem on village and its beauty like farms and so on.Its my assignment and i have to submit it on 12/12/11. So plzz help me by giving ur ideas in hindi.Thanx...

On the cheerful village green, 
Skirted round with houses small,
All the boys and girls are seen,
Playing there with hoop and ball. 

Now they frolic hand in hand,
Making many a merry chain; 
Then they form a warlike band,
Marching o'er the level plain. 

Now ascends the worsted ball, 
High it rises in the air, 
Or against the cottage wall, 
Up and down it bounces there. 

Then the hoop, with even pace, 
Runs before the merry throngs; 
Joy is seen in every face, 
Joy is heard in cheerful songs. 

Rich array, and mansions proud, 
Gilded toys, and costly fare, 
Would not make the little crowd
Half so happy as they are. 

Then, contented with my state, 
Where true pleasure may be seen, 
Let me envy not the great, 
On a cheerful village green. 
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 hey rush srivastav mam ne diya hai kya assignment???????

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Ha yr... :'(
Teko mile to btana na......

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Thnk u very mch. I really appreciate ur help bt as i told its my hindi assignmnt n i have to write a poem in HINDI so i wnt a poem on DEHAT AUR GAO KA DRISHYA in hindi........

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 hii...!! see m providin' sm..!!!!

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hey.. in d last .. chck dis site out 2oo...!!


i noe hw it feels... wen hindi assignment is given,....!! XP

truly can undrstnd....!! :P

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Thnq veryyyyyyy mch..!!

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 ua welcome..... :) :) nythng frr frnzzz... :)

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