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a. Compassion is an emotion that arises when we see another person's suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering. It guides us in fulfilling our duties towards mankind in the best possible manner.
b. According to Mother Teresa, our life becomes truly meaningful when we do something for someone who can never repay us. She devoted her entire life to helping the destitute, the ailing and the impoverished members of society.
c. Compassion is the foundation stone for moral behaviour that helps us distinguish between right and wrong. A compassionate heart always helps others and never harms anyone.
d. Compassion is a feeling that motivates us to help anyone who is suffering. It does not see geographical boundaries as obstacles in the path to alleviating someone's pain. Mother Teresa worked tirelessly with lepers in India, Florence Nightingale served wounded soldiers in the Crimean War.
e. i. impels
ii. confronted
iii. leads (though the correct form should be 'leading')
iv. astray


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