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Read the following telephonic conversation between Kartik and Mayank and then write the message .
Kartik : Hello Shashank
Mayank : I?m Mayank , Shashank?s father . May I know who is calling ?
Kartik : Uncle Iam Kartik , Shashank?s classmate and friend .
Mayank : Ok , He has gone for a morning walk . He is about to come .
Kartik : Uncle please tell him that Iam on leave today and he should collect my chemistry notes from Radha , our classmate .I will meet him today and collect the notes .
Mayank : Ok , I shall leave the message for him as I?m leaving for my office .

Dear Student,

The message would be - Kartik is on leave that day and Shashank should collect his chemistry notes from Radha, their classmate. Kartick will meet Shashank that day and would collect the notes.


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hi , as i was reading ur question , i did not understand it properly ,plz tell   what message have to write ....
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do we have to form a piece of message writing out of this conversation ??
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Isheeka, I have posted this question once more with a proper picture. If you can help me with that...
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do we have to write a piece of message writing out of this conversation ??
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