hello ma'am , my name is Devashree and I am a new student. I just wanted to know that, I have kept my pepsi in friger by mistake and by the next day it bursted out , some pepsi was coming out of its mouth and when I touched its body i got current. So what is the reason behind this?

Dear Student,
Pepsi or any other aerated cold drink burst when frozen because the water present in the cold drink undergoes anomalous expansion. When cooled it starts to expand and and tightly closed bottle would burst out on sudden increase in volume. Electric shock probably is because of the leaking of the liquid into the wiring of the refrigerator . The cold drink being an ionic liquid transmits electric current to your body which is earthed.

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The reason why it bursted is that colddrinks are mostly water and water expands on freezing. The reason behind that shick might be your fridge. It may be is faulty and that is why current is flowing through the coldrink which is a conductor of electricity.
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