hello meritnation experts i hv ques. to ask .......

  1. What is inside a black hole
  2. is there a parallel universe
  3. can we travel to future
  4. people always go front or back of earth but is there something which is below d earth in space
  5. how much is 1 light year equal to ( i mean speed )
  6. what is a nebula ??
  7. can v see androma galaxy with our naked eye

1. Black Holes are cosmic sized vacuum cleaners that suck in everything that comes in contact with them. We don't really know what's inside a black hole and what happens to the matter that it devours. So, saying that's its empty isn't entirely accurate. Some people even say that there are entire universes inside black holes which act as giant gateways into distant realms.What we can be sure of is that they tend to keep there surroundings clean and empty.

2. A light-year is defined as the distance that light can travel in one year. We can calculate this by multiplying the speed of light by one year (or 3.1557x107 seconds) to find the distance:

d = cxt
= ( 3x108 m/s )x( 3.1557x107 s )
= 9.46x1015 meters

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