hello sir!!.. sir actually i have a doubt in the topic "reaction with air" in the s block elements and also i have a doubt that what is exactly non- stoichiometric?

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Reaction with air

All the metals burn in air to form oxides, but the product varies depending on the metal.
Lithium forms monoxide and some peroxide like Li2O2, sodium forms peroxide Na2O2 and some mono oxide and others form superoxides of type MO2.all peroxides are diamagnetic.
all the metals can be induced to form normal oxides and superoxides by dissolving the metal in ammonia and and bubbling in appropriate amount of dioxygen.


Non-stoichiometric compounds are the solid and inorganic compunds in which the number of atoms of elements present cannot be expressed as a ratio of small whole.
In non-stoichiometric compounds, atoms are missing in small percentage or packed in elsewhere in crystal lattice.
non-stoichiometric compounds are used in making of super conductors and electrolytes.example : ytrium barium copper oxide.


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