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in an area in which a forest was cut to make a city, it was found that the water table went down .what could be the reason for this???


when you conserve forest you conserve soil.discuss??

@Sarchu, your friends have answered correctly first question.

 Answer for your second question.

When forests are conserved, then soil is also conserved.

Because roots of trees hold the soil firmly and does not allow  top soil to get washed away when it rains, i.e. prevent soil erosion.

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because when it rains  the rain drops become slow when they fall on the the leaves of the trees and stops till it reaches down so it is absorbed by the ground and the water table increases but when forests are cut this process doesn't take place so the water slips away from there and it is not absorbed by the soil under the forest .

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the reason was that in cities there are concrete roads which prevent the water to sweep in the ground.

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Deforestation affects the rainfall also . So if there would be no trees then there would be no rainfall.And in case rainfall occurs then the concrete roads will not allow water to seep in the ground and hence the water table would go down.

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