Help me in finding the correct forms of verb.

Help me in finding the correct forms of verb. by filling in the given in brackets, ave) for my office (have) to take my . (injure) his arm 'e) very naughty. s bicycle when he his arm early in . (be) a real nerd. Road Transport . (grip) redevice(b) the rooftop. The (make) by a His hue and cry le bus conductor. (force) to halt the ......... (raise) owk, Kangra. The »rm) immediately . (get) vacated. a knock at the door. I (c) out of the keyhole. There (d) English (Core) 11 • (look) (be) noone.l(e). .. (put) off the light. But I could not sleep. Perhaps I (D . (dream) that a thief(g) . into our house, while all of us (h) (sleep) on the roof. I (i) (break) (shout). "Thief, thief', My mother came and (j) (think) I (m) . Butl(n). (0)....... thief. There (q) ..... . (shake) me by my shoulders. I — (hold) her. I (l) — (hold) the thief. (realise) the truth when I (open) myeyes.l(p) (hold) my mother and not the (be) no thief. the money. 'ihdeciåedthat in fut needy. (move) I (4) My parents were attending a dinner party. It — (be) early evening and the children (a) . (not put) to bed. One (stand) staring ata little boy (c) „ big fat man. The child's mother (d) (notice) the embarrassment he was causing and (take) him by the hand. Before . (smile) she could pull him away, he (f) (say), what at the guest and (g) .............. a big uncle you (h) (be).

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Question 3 is seen only partially; kindly repost the complete question for meaningful assistance from us.

a) was
b) had not been put
c) stood
d) noticed
e) took
f) smiled
g) said
h) are


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d) was
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e) put (f) dreamt
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g) broke (h) were sleeping
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i) shouted (j) shook (h) held
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l) thought (m) held
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n) realised (o) opened
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p) held (q) was
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