Here is part of a train timetable, 
Southville   07 04
Leek         07 09 
Jamestown    07 38 
Lincoln      08 01 
Gold City    08 39 

(a) How long is the journey from southville to  Jamestown. 
(b) How long is the journey from Leek to Lincoln? 
The train leaves Gold City at 08 45 
It takes 33 minutes to travel to Wäshington ?
(c)At what bma does the tain arrive 'in 
Lenny lives in jamestown and works in Lincoln 
He works from Monday to Friday.
Lenny travels to work and back each day by train. 
(c) How long does Lenny spend on the train each week? 
Give your answer in hours and minutes 

a- journey time  from southville to  Jamestown       7:38    -7:04-------       0:34--------Time taken is 34 mins.b- journey time  from Leek to  Lincoln       8:01    -7:09-------       0:52--------Time taken is 52 mins.c- our question is not clear and appears to be incomplete. Recheck your question and please be a little specific so that we can provide you with some meaningful help.d- journey time  from Jamestown  to  Lincoln       8:01    -7:38-------       0:23--------Time taken is 23 mins.In each week, he is travelling 5 times and daily he is travelling 2 times.So overall time he spent on train per week is 5×2×23 =230 min230 min = 3 hours and 50 minsRegards

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