Dhairya Sandhyana
now since u gonna b the topper of cbse12 2016...wanna say somethin
I love u alot....u r most beautiful girl i hav ever seen....may u always succeed...lov u ....muahhh

now dis is wat the ridiculous peopl posting.....hey its a educational site .....not a matrimonial site u got that........n also plz stop posting such hopeless question peopl here dont hav time to answer questions related to academics ...who would clear ur hopeless question....
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wow.....ppl r going towards dream careers.
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There are some butthurt people and then there is this guy. This is an educational site for God's sake, not some dating site like a fellow user said. Ain't nobody got time for that. And please use complete sentences. People can't really understand what you have written. Butchering the English language. ........
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please dont post this all since this is a educational site
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