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Pls explain the following answer reason scientifically

Does the current still flow if the main switch from the cable is on but device's switch is off ?
For eg:- will the current still flow if the button on switch board on wall is on for TV but from remote TV is off
I.e. T.V is not functioning at that particular time because it is OFF from TV Remote , but Switch button on switch board on the wall is ON

Will the bill be counted, will the current still flow, if yes then WHY ?
If no, then where does the current go ?


To get a flow of current, we need to have a close circuit. As the button of the switch board is on, but the device connected ( ie. plug is not inserted into the socket) in not switched on, then it is considered as a open circuit, and that's why current can not pass through it.

But when you switch on the plug point, it started consuming electricity. So, just be turning the power button off for the appliance, does not makes sure that the electric consumption of that device is zero. To be specific, when a TV is in standby mode (i.e. plug is not disconnected on but remote is off), then it consume around 2.25% to 5% of total rating of the device.

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