Hi guys my name is Aarushi Pant. I am new in this Meritnation app, so i was wondering if you guys can send me friend requests because I do not have any friends on this app.... Please do send... BTW thanks a bunch

Aarushi you not ask such a irrelevant question here. Your answer and ask question repated to study. And pls dont pray for friend request. Any buuddy likes your question and answer. Who send you friend request.
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Follow me Aarushi !!!
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Ok Ms Aastha i will take your advice. Thank you very much
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Arushi you can ask such questions on school talk...not here..here you can only ask your queries or doubts related study..!!
Hope you understand..:)
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if any one wants to be ur friend he/she will send u a friend request
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Hey Aarushi. Don't worry you'll have a number of friends after some time. Also if you want to chat then do it in the feed section
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Do ask questions only related to studies , over here.
The ask and answer section is only for this purpose. Anyways, don't worry Aarushi,as you will get a lot of friend requests soon.
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