Hi today pls check this please!??

Hi today pls check this please!?? ENGLISH Q Insert definite or indefinite articles Where necessary. Add Where rus article is I _ 1 have bad headache. 3. He bought new camera that was launched last minth exercise is good for our health. S. Mr. Brown is teacher. 6. They took him to hospital in ambulance. 7• _é_ good student works hard. 8. Don-t worry, keys are in my pocket. 9. He is having lunch. _-_z_-é_ tea in this cup is too cold. 1 1 . If you are really hungry, you can eat mangoes I bought today. 12. She went on to become successful singer. library at the corner ol'the street has amazing collection of books. 14. I don't speak Hindi very well but I can understand it, J 5. want to learn German language.

Dear student
All the answers are correct except:
1. a
9. X


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