hii experts ...i have a project on management principles ....n i need ur help....plzz tell me which principle of management the reliance company follow..?? also how they exicute their work by using these principles ??? plzzz reply soon 2nd time i m asking this qes.....plzzz help....

Dear Student, 

In the year 1916, Henry Fayol, a french mining engineer and practitioner introduced 14 principles of management which were popularly known as 'Fayol's principles of management'. Even today, after a century has passed since the development, some principles of management can still be noticed. Let us consider Reliance only, the following generic principles can be noticed:

1.  Division of Work - We can see groups of employees involved in the same work. For example, a group of persons is given the responsibility of handling a specific task say production. Similarly, there exists another group that engages in marketing and promotion activities. In the same manner, there exists a couple of people who manages and coordinates different activities. This ensures that every individual is given his assigned task and there exists division of work in the organisation.

2.  Unity of Command - Each employee was answerable to their branch supervisor which authenticated that this principle was present in the organisation.  

3.  Espirit de corps - It can be noticed that there is unity and team spirit among the employees for efficient and effective delivery of the task so assigned. The solidarity and enthusiasm can also be observed.

4.  Equity - The employees working in Reliance Company are from different communities, religion, having different mother tongue, yet all were working together in the same organisation and they were working as a team to accomplish the goals of the business. This will ensure equity in the organisation.

Similarly, other principles of Fayol can also be inspected in the organisation.

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