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Bhor and Barkha is a very beautiful poem.
It is composed by Mirabai who shows her intense devotion to Krishna through this poem.

There are two parts ( Ansh ) of this poem
2) Barkha

In this Mirabai acts as Yashoda maiya and tries to wake up Krishna . She gives him many lalach to make him get up.
She says that night has gone, morning has come and the doors of many houses have opened.Girls are making curd and we can hear their bangles jingling. All the gods,Goddesses and your devotees are waiting for you. Your friends have come and they are making a loud noise in the 'Jay Jay Kar of You'.
But in the end of this part , Mirabai represents that her Krishna ( Girdhar ) is not a lazy person but helps all those who meet him or go in his SHARAN.

In this part, Mirabai as a girl who loves Krishna describes the rainy season ( Varsha Ritu). This season is said to be the season in which Krishna comes.
Mirabai says that her heart is filled with joy ( Umang ) because she can hear the footsteps of her beloved Krishna. She then describes the season . In this season, clouds come from all directions and it rains, lightning also takes place. This is the season for singing joyful songs and this season fills the atmosphere with happiness.

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