History Society of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Krishna Nagar Sent a group of students to visit a place of historical
interest. You, Anant/Anita, were its leader. Write a report in 150 ? 200 words for the school n

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
  • Name and location of the place (Sanchi Stupa; important place for Buddhist pilgrims);
  • Knowledge of period and age in which the place or the site was built (built by Ashoka, the Great in 3rd Century BCE);
  • Its importance in the history of a nation (Its nucleus was a simple hemispherical brick structure built over the relics of the Buddha, now a world heritage site).
  • The people you went with and the duration of your visit (family, school excursion, etc.).
  • The language, culture, nature and people of the region (will differ from place to place).
  • Architectural and artistic heritage (Sanchi Stupas are noteworthy for their gateways as they contain  ornamented  depiction of incidents from the life of the Buddha and his previous incarnations as Bodhisattvas described in Jataka tales. Sculptors belonging to different times tried to depict the same story by repeating figures. The Buddha has been shown symbolically in the form of tree or through other inanimate figures. One of the sects of Buddhism opposed depiction of the Buddha by a human figure.).
  • The effect on tourism industry (The Stupa at Sanchi is one the most wonderful structures of ancient India. It has been included by the UNESCO as one of the heritage sites of the world. The Sanchi Stupa is a fine example of the development of the Buddhist architecture).
  • Ways to keep the tourism and the fame of the site alive.

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