Hlo,its urgent (write a paragraph not mpre than 100 words on 1.funniest day in my lofe 2.traffic zones 3.pollution in big cities )any two pls fast as 7 :30

I was in my first standard. There was a class test going on in Science. I was done with my test and was waiting for the bell to ring, so that I could go home. Then the class invigilator asked everyone in the classroom to verify their answers as she'd take the test papers in about 10 minutes. I don't know what was going on in my mind then but, on hearing that, I, like a boss, took out the class notes from my bag, put it beside my test paper and started verifying all the answers. The boy sitting beside me called the invigilator and told her about my great act. 

She looked at me. I looked at her. The book was still there on my table, with my left hand index finger pointing at a line of text in my class notes. I was slowly dragging my right hand index finger over my test paper. It lost its path. It went beyond the edge of the paper and onto the table. Sheer silence for about 10 seconds. I didn't know what to say. Neither she did say anything. 2 more seconds, and then, *SLAP*. Even before I was prepared to breathe in some oxygen, another one came hurling at me. And then, another one! Boy, was that a tight one! Tears rolled down my cheeks and, for a minute, I couldn't see anything before me for it was all blurred out. The invigilator took my test paper and I was thrown out of the classroom.

I still laugh every time I think about that incident. Childhood! :P

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go to s.chand english
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I'm Sorry can't right now
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what mean by mpre
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Sry its more not mpr
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Pls dont give me full para but give me imp.point which is not related to internet
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Life in a big city is more a curse then a blessing. In a big city man like a machine. Here everyone is in a hurry. At peak hours in the morning and evening there is a great rush of traffic. Main bazaars and markets are always crowded.

Thickly populated as the big cities are housing problem become acute. Even the middle class families lead a miserable life is cant’ pay heavy rents. One gets everything adulterated, may it be milk, ghee or any eatable.

Even water and air are impure. the pollution level is quite high in these areas and the population growth also affects the type of pollution

factories and industries discharge their chemical effluents inside water

u can add some more demerits too
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Any other para on funniest
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Any idea about traffic zams
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