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Hoe to do 6 wala REPLY FAST n n the Mathematic, to too English books. find of electric pole easts shadow of length 20 at a liar the tree. 6 metres high. casts a shadow of length 8 find of the in the missing number in each ofthe following. ind third The ratio ofcopper and zinc in an alloy is ofzincis9.sg,6ndt} of copper (Hint: 9.' 7 9.8) The shadow ofa building and a tree a the ratic If the height - find the height of the building. The ratio Of the length Ofa is ) SO metres. itary Method d the following stateme* n went to the vegetal:" mnrket y kg He asked the vegetable seller the e of I kg potatoes.,'é vou know, why asked the price o kg It helps him to find the cost of 5 kg •tatoes. 07-03-2019 20:24

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I hope you understand the solution,

In the solution, 9/7 = x/9.8 can also be written as a proportion, such as 9:7 :: x:9.8 


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