your school is holdin a summer camp for training students in hockey and basketball. you are the sports head of the ST.Marks SR.see school, New Delhi.Write a notice on it. sign yourself as Rahul or Nandana.

pls pls pls pls please answer fast!!!

i need it before 14th july 2013

Such questions need to be attempted on your own. However, here is a sample for your reference:


Sports Club

St.Marks Sr. Sec. School


26 May 2012

Summer Camp for Hockey and Basketball

All the students from Grade VIII to XII are hereby informed that our school would be holding a summer camp in this upcoming summer vacations for training students in hockey and basketball. The entire cost would amount to Rs.3000/ per student which would include training, personal coach, health facilities, food and accomodation. For enrolment or any further details, contact the undersigned by tomorrow lunch.

Nandana Sharma

Class X-A

Sports Captain


Happy to help!

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