Holi is a festival of colours. It expresses pure and simple joy. Sometimes we start throwing coloured water
and that too on strangers. As the Head boy / girl of your school write a speech in 150 ? 200 words that you
will deliver in the morning assembly of your school, describing why Holi is played and how it should be

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- India is a land of many different festivals and among them Holi is my favourite!

- It falls on a full moon day in the month of March.

- People smear dry colours on each other.

- Kids throw water balloons at passers-by and drench their friends with water.

- The atmosphere is one of gaeity and fun.

- In Vrindavan and Barsana, the festival of Holi takes on a different colour and religious flavour.

- It is a festival in which people forget their old grudges and embrace even their enemies.

- It is also celebrated to commemorate the love of Radha and Krishna.

- It also marks the death of the demon Putana, at the hands of an infant Krishna. 

- Culturally, it is a festival that brings the entire country together. 

- On this day, we forget about our backgrounds and celebrate by tossing colours onto each other. 

- It has a religious significance in Hinduism but it has mostly become a secularized form of celebrating spring with a profusion of colours. 

-Holi is also the festival when a lot of physical assault and molestation cases are reported because people tend to be intoxicated with bhaang and think they can take liberties with other people. One must be on guard and play cautiously, avoiding such rough elements in the public.

- Try using natural and dry colours. They wash off easily with less water.

- Balloons can be dangerous if they are hit the eye or any other sensitive area, so try to avoid using balloons.

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