How a cyclotron works?plz... explain

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The charge follows a spiral path with increasing radius as its under constant acceleration due to the external magnetic field (perpendicular to the plane of the page). The chambers D1 and D2 are hollow and allow the particle to flow through them. The oscillator helps in changing the electric polarity of the two Dees (D1 and D2) it changes from negative to positive repeatedly. This helps in accelerating the charge as it is drawn to is opposite polarity. 


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 please refer 2 your ncert textbook.The answer is given very clearly there...

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The cyclotron is a charged particle accelerator.that employs a perpendicular magnetic field induced by high electrical current. The field pushes a charged particle around a circular path at a constant acceleration.

Cyclotron consists of two hollow semicircular electrodes, called dees, in a large evacuated cylindrical box. An alternating electric field between the dees continuously accelerates the particles from one Dee to the other, while the magnetic field guides them in a circular path. As the speed of the particles increases, so does the radius of their path, and the particles spiral outward. In this manner, a cyclotron can accelerate protons to energies of up to 25 million electron volts

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