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how are consumers exploited?

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consumers are people who consume anything from the market. they are exploited in the following ways:

adulteration: people tend to add adulterants (or chemicals) in the food to make it look better.

false claim: people make false claim about the durability and quality of their products through ads.

under weigh: sellers generally under weigh products and cost the original price of the product brought

hoarding and black marketing: sellers generally hold up stocks in the market to create artificial scarcity so as to sell it later at a higher rate.

substandard goods: people may sell inferior goods to gain profit

high price: sellers who sell necessities generally sell them at higher price.

duplicate articles: in the name of genuine parts and goods duplicate items are sold to the consumers.

lack of safety devices: electronics produced locally may lack safety requirements which may harm the consumer.

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consumers are being explited in the following ways

  1. Adulteration 
  2. Higher costs than MRP
  3. false products

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