How are distance, displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration related to each other 

Speed= distance/time. Velocity =displacement /time. Acceleration =velocity /time. Speed and distance are scalar quantities, having no direction. Velocity, displacement and acceleration are vector quantities, these are dependent on the direction of action. Distance is complete path travelled by the object, displacement is the difference between original position and final position of the object. Hence displacement is always lesser than or equal to distance, in the direction from initial position to final position. Speed is the description of the distance covered per unit time. This means that speed is measured over the entire path travelled. Velocity is the displacement in unit time, hence only the difference between initial position and final position in that unit time is considered for calculation. Hence, speed is always greater than or equal to the velocity. Speed and distance can never be negative, however, velocity and displacement can be negative depending on final position of the object in motion.

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