how are henry fayol's principles followed by dominos?

Dear Student,

The Henry Fayol's principles are followed in Dominos in following manner:

 1) Division of work: when we enter dominos we can notice different duties being performed by different persons.

2) We can notice authority and relationship between various heads of dominos

3) Discipline: All employees are required to follow rules and know what to do and what not. 

4) There is Unity of command as each employee reports to his immediate superior.

5) There is subordination of individual interest to general interest. The workers always comes to work extra if needed.

6) The employees are paid on monthly basis. Dominos also follows pay and reward policy.

7) Dominos is centralised organisation, still it invites suggestions from employees.

8) There is order, i.e. systematic arrangement of every thing.

9) Manager treats their members equally.



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