How are materials sorted based on the following properties

1. Appearance
2. Hardness
3. Soluble or Insoluble
4. Floating and sinking in water
5. Transparency

Dear student, The properties of materials are as follows: 1. Appearance: The property of matter depicted through sight. Materials usually look different from each other. Wood looks very different from iron. Iron appears different from copper or aluminium. 2. Hardness: Materials which can be compressed or scratched easily are called soft while some other materials which are difficult to compress are called hard. For example, cotton or sponge is soft while iron is hard. 3. Solubility: some substances have completely disappeared or dissolved in water. We say that these substances are soluble in water. Other substances do not mix with water and do not disappear even after we stir for a long time. These substances are insoluble in water. E.g sugar dissolves in water while oil does not dissolve. 4. Object floating or sinking on water: The objects that are heavy generally sink while lighter ones float. Iron sinks while plastic floats. 5. Transparency: The objects through which we can see through are transparent while through which we cannot see are opaque. Some objects have partial visibility through them are translucent. For e.g Glass is transparent, plastic is translucent while paper is opaque. Thanks and regards

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