how are the childrens of educated parents are different from those of uneducated ones

Ans. Children of educated parents:

1. The very first thing is that they get a proper guidance from their parents.
2. Good support from the parents, whatever might be the child's decision for his future.
3. A proper financial support.
4. Most of the parents decide what they want their children to be. This might be a disadvantage.
5. Some educated parents give their child to have full freedom on what they wanted to be. This is good if the freedom is not misused
Children with uneducated parents:

1. The advantage for these set of children is that they have freedom on what they want to become. They are more driven to their goal than the above set.
2. These set of children give great importance to education and this totally depends on the way the parents think what they want their child to be.
3. Not so good financial support (again depends on what the parents do to earn their livelihood).
4. These are more hard workers than the above set.
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I think this question is not related to science subjects .
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They give proper guidance to their children They give financial facilities to their children They are able to know about their children skills and knowledge
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children's of educated parents has great financial support and all the facilities which help in their study a lot so the educated parents are better than uneducated parents
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